Accused Of Troubling Elderly Neighbors, Is Salman Khan At The Verge Of Another Legal Battle?

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7:08 pm 9 Jul, 2018


In addition to being one of the most popular Bollywood actors, Salman Khan has also been one of the most controversial figures of Indian entertainment industry. Right from his link-ups to break-ups, to statements about other actors and his legal battles, Salman Khan has been all there in the limelight for a number of reasons. Recently, he was trolled for ‘Race 3’ which had received a lot of hype pre-release but turned out to be a waste of time according to the audience.

Earlier this year, the actor was sentenced to 5 years of jail for killing two blackbucks in 1998 in the forest area of Rajasthan. Now, it looks like that Salman Khan, who is still embroiled in a few court cases has invited another legal trouble for himself.


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According to reports, an elderly NRI couple who are Salman and his family’s neighbours at their farmhouse in Panvel have approached lawyers after being allegedly troubled by the star. The couple whose property is adjacent to Salman Khan’s farmhouse ‘Arpita Farms’ is reportedly struggling to obtain electricity for their property and access through ‘Arpita Farms’ which, as claimed by them, is the original path to their property.



In a press conference on July 4, in presence of a few advocates, the NRI couple said that they purchased the land in 1996 for Rs 26 lakh and had even obtained consent from Salman Khan’s father Saleem Khan before buying the property.


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They (Ankita and Ketan Kakkad) alleges that when they used to visit their property occasionally while they mostly stayed in the US, Salman’s family behaved nicely with them. However, the scenario changed when they returned to India permanently about 3 years ago.


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Salman Khan’s neighbours. Source


As the couple wants to get a bungalow constructed on their horticulture plot, it seems to have turned into a battlefield for them as they are being denied even entrance into their property. According to them, Salman has installed a gate near the farmhouse due to which they are at his whims for even entering into it. The Kakkads claimed that they approached the minister of forest for help but instead of helping them, has warmed up with Salman. At the press conference, speaking for Kakkads, advocate Abha Singh said,

‘The Kakkads met Sudhir Mungantiwar, the forest minister, who assured he would look into the matter and within a week, he met Salman. Mungantiwar called them home, felicitated him and took selfies.’


However, Sudhir Mungantiwar, the forest minister has denied these allegations and told The Free Press Journal:

‘Both parties came, met and gave their side of the story, which will be put up to the central government. The law of the land will prevail. The allegations are baseless and nobody is above the law.’

The Kakkads have also accused Salman Khan and family of barring them from erecting an electric pole and getting electric cables laid to their home, which they now want to expand into a bungalow. Ketan Kakkad said:

‘Salman has been allowed to have floodlights for his stables but they are not allowing the electric company to erect a light pole and lay the cables. They have constructed a gate in these years that we have not lived there and now we cannot use the place which was to be our home in our old age.’


What are your thoughts on this entire fiasco?

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