Salman Khan: The Man Nobody Dares Mess With

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9:02 pm 25 Jun, 2016

We’ve known for a while now that Salman Khan has the right contacts. I mean look at the man! Look at everything he’s gotten away with! You know you’ve got juice with the right people when you can get away with vehicular homicide, for fuck’s sake! Having done that, is it any surprise that he gets away with being cavalier about rape?!!



Bollywood keeps insisting it’s being blown out of proportion, this “raped woman” comment Salman made offhandedly. But then again, Bollywood knows who they’d be messing with, if they were to come out and say he’s a prick for having said what he said!

So, they’ve gone all Italian mafia on the issue and they’re being very religious about observing the code of silence, or Omertà, as the mob bosses would call it! Here’s a look at how Bollywood is pussyfootnig around the issue:

Irrfan Khan

irrfan bhai


Nawazuddin Siddiqui

nawaz bhai


Freida Pinto

pinto bhai


Subhash Ghai

ghai bhai


Pulkit Samrat

samrat bhai


Pooja Bedi

bedi bhai


Looks like these guys are the only ones with the cojones to say it like it is:

Kangana Ranaut

ranaut bhai


Renuka Shahane

shahane bhai


Anurag Kashyap

kashyap bhai


The way I see it, starting  a charity called Being Human, doesn’t make you human. Your actions, and your words, do! From where I’m standing, Sallu Bhai ain’t looking very human at all!



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