Salman Khan Didn’t Apologize But I Guess He Has Learnt His Lesson Well

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4:46 pm 24 Jun, 2016


Salman’s rape comment has upset his fans and reduced his image to that of a sexist. Social activists are defaming him and his Bollywood friends are requesting him to issue an apology but Salman is Salman; he will do what he wants to do.

Honestly, he has never been wise with words. The neurons in his mind are so allergic to decency that whatever he spills out is ready to become controversy.

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The ‘Sultan’ of Bollywood, making silence his only weapon, straight away headed to IIFA awards. At the airport, reporters tried to get something out of him but he greeted them with his devil’s smile and moved ahead.


At the inauguration of the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA) awards in Madrid, Salman made a sensible statement justifying that he must learn to keep his mouth shut.


Well, he made some sense but I still believe:




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