Salman Khan Made This Promise To His Nanny 4 Years Back, Proved What ‘Being Human’ Is

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2:46 pm 7 Jun, 2018


It is widely accepted and known that superstar Salman Khan never goes back on his words and always fulfills his promises. Tales about his generousness and big-hearted nature are widespread in Bollywood and all over India.

From doing a lot of charitable work to helping kick-start the careers of many newbies in Bollywood, Salman’s helpful nature is exemplary for one and all. He is a true, real-life ‘knight in shining armor’ for many.





Salman made a generous promise to his 76 years old nanny, who lives in Salman’s birthplace Indore.

According to a report, when Salman was in Indore for the shooting of his film four years back, he had talked about taking over the responsibility of his nanny Rukmani’s granddaughter.

Talking about Salman’s birth, Rukmani recalls, that he was born in the morning at around 11 am on the 27th of December in Kalyanman Nursing Home, Indore. She still fondly talks about how she had been called in urgently on the evening of December 26 by Salman’s father Saleem. Rukmani also remembers giving oil massages and baths to baby Salman for 12 days after his birth when mom Salma and baby Salman had stayed in the nursing home. She also says that at the time of birth, Salman had been a healthy baby of 4 kgs and had milky white skin. She says that Saleem was overjoyed on hearing the news of Salman’s birth and such was his happiness that he had given her a reward of Rs. 100, which in those days was a huge amount.




Rukmani’s son talks about taking his mother to Salman’s shooting place in Indore four years back. On coming face to face with Salman, Rukmani had fallen to his feet but Salman being the humble person that he is, was embarrassed and after stopping Rukmani from doing so, had given her a warm embrace.




After the event, Salman and Rukmani had spent hours in his room, talking about his first few days in the world. Rukmani had also taken her granddaughter along who had also been in the room along with her and Salman. It was after this meeting that the superstar had promised to become godfather to this young girl.





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