Is Salman Khan’s Ex-Manager Responsible For Priyanka Chopra Walking Out Of Bharat?

6:44 pm 7 Sep, 2018


Salman Khan starrer Bharat has been arousing the audience’s interest for all the wrong reasons. Even before the shooting for the movie began, it made headlines for lead actress Priyanka Chopra backing out. Since PeeCee backed out under mysterious circumstances most assumed that it was because of her impending engagement. And as per media reports, lead actor Salman Khan wasn’t happy with it. There were even reports of Salman’s father Salim Khan lashing out at the actress.

Well, we all believed that the reason for Priyanka backing out was personal. That is her engagement with American singer-songwriter Nick Jonas. But it turns out that we might be in the dark about what actually transpired.


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New reports suggest that PeeCee’s manager Reema Shetty’s team might be behind talking Priyanka out of the movie. Let us remind you that Reema Shetty was also Salman Khan’s manager of nine years until last year. After a falling out on personal matters, Salman Khan fired Reema.


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And now it seems like Reema is behind Priyanka Chopra’s decision to walk out of Bharat. Some are even speculating that Reema might still be bitter over her issue with Salman Khan. While some reports suggest that Reema and team talked PeeCee out of the project because this was meant to be her comeback Hindi movie. And they were not sure of the script.



But then wasn’t this too late to make this realization. Backing out of the movie days before the schedule is definitely not ideal.

Actor Salman Khan has something similar to say. Here is what the actor reportedly said about the incident:


“It was sweet of her [Priyanka] to tell us five days before the shoot that she couldn’t do Bharat. I’m glad Katrina is part of the film. She was Atul’s [Agnihotri, producer] first choice. But, Priyanka called Ali [Abbas Zafar] and said she wanted to do Bharat, so we considered her.”


What do you about the whole issue?