Salman Khan Finally Lashes Out At Priyanka Chopra For Quitting Bharat!

4:26 pm 8 Sep, 2018


It’s been a few weeks ago that Priyanka Chopra had opted out of Salman Khan starrer Bharat just a few days before beginning of the shoot. However, it seems like things on the matter will not die down unless every party involved revealed the why and how things of the matter, and unless they are made known to the public.

Yes, Priyanka decided to make an impromptu exit just a few days before shooting starts for the much-anticipated film. And while the film’s director, Ali Abbas Zafar, has accepted the actress’ decision saying that the reason is very special and that they are happy for her, Priyanka’s supposed to be co-star Salman Khan has remained silent about it for some time. However, it is now apparently true about the rumours that the actress’ exit hasn’t gone down too well with Salman. The actor has now revealed many things about the matter and the actress.



Breaking his silence on the matter, the 52-year-old superstar revealed that Priyanka was keen to work on the project. He also claimed that the actress had called his sister a thousand times telling her that she wants to work with him.


Talking about Priyanka’s exit from Bharat at Bigg Boss 12 launch event in Goa, Salman told Bombay Times:

“It must have been very difficult for her to make this decision because she was very keen to work on this project. She has called up Arpita a thousand times, saying, ‘I want to work with Salman’. She has even called up Ali (Abbas Zafar, director) and told him, ‘See if you can get me something in this film’.”




It seems Salman was also ready to adjust the dates according to Priyanka’s wedding. The superstar further said:

“She was getting engaged and I told her, ‘If you are getting engaged, what’s the need (of exiting the project)?’ Then she said, ‘Shaadi karni hai’, to which I said, ‘Toh shaadi kar lo’. Priyanka’s work was for 75-80 days. Shaadi ke liye chaar din ka preparation, aur chaar din ki shaadi, aath din ke andar ho gayi aur phir uske baad honeymoon. So, we said we will work it out. But she was very clear that she didn’t want to be a part of the film.”



Salman also said that he doesn’t know about the real reason behind her exit from the film. He feels that Priyanka isn’t interested in working in Bollywood anymore. Adding in his interview to Bombay Times, the actor said that:

“Not doing this had to be because of the wedding or because she doesn’t want to work with me anymore. It could also be because she doesn’t want to work in humari industry (Bollywood) or wants to work only in Hollywood. Whatever she wants to do, I wish her all the best in life. We are glad that she is engaged and happy.”



Well, we wonder what Desi Girl has to say to this claim of Salman Khan.