Here’s Why Salman Khan Is The Perfect Goodwill Ambassador Of The Indian Contingent For Rio

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7:05 pm 26 Apr, 2016

The Sultan of Bollywood is again caught in the hailstorm of controversies and his shrewd dabaangiri is not helping him to stay out of trouble. While Salman is breaking every Bollywood record, Yogeshwar Dutt, Olympic medalist, is trying break his stardom by opposing his stand for Rio Olympics.

Just hours after the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) announced their decision to appoint Salman Khan as India’s goodwill ambassador for Rio Olympics 2016, the hardcore Dutt punched a few Tweets against the star.


Meanwhile, Abhinav Bindra, Mary Kom, Hockey player Sardar Singh and Vishwanathan Anand supported IOA’s decision, Milkha Singh supported Dutt’s call.

Why is this never-ending controversy is taking a new U-turn everyday?

Without any iota of judgement, we have combined a few practical points which may make you realize that IOA’s decision is correct.

Firstly, I have immense respect for Yogeshwar Dutt. He grappled his way to win the Bronze medal at the 2012 Summer Olympics in the Men’s 60kg Freestyle Wrestling. With lack of facilities and dirty politics demeaning sportsmanship, he still achieved the Olympic Glory which is far more applaudable than a 100 crore Bollywood film.

Yogeshwar Dutt is an icon and real superstar.


We also respect his stand against Sallu Bhai. But is his stand justified?

No, it’s not.

Because IOA appointed Salman as a goodwill ambassador, it was not his choice. He gracefully accepted the responsibility and pledged to honor it.

Now, is he the right person for this job?

Definitely YES. An ambassador’s job is to promote the game, not to coach it. His sky-high fan reach will unite the whole country to support the athletes.

It is a proven fact that any sporting event when connected with Bollywood has multiplied its reach and support. IPL is a living example of it.

So, why not Olympics?


Fine. We have legends like P.T Usha and Milkha Singh who are more deserving. Their achievements speak about their greatness and hence, the knowledge they own makes them perfect for the role of a mentor, not an ambassador.

Athletes mostly work hard behind the cameras, their popularity is visible only when they participate and their interaction with audience is for a limited time whereas Salman Khan, who lives in the public eye, can contribute to create more awareness than them. His words will be significantly valued.



Well, tell me all the Indian participants for the Olympics this year.


Then, why is there so much hype over this ‘Ambassador’ thing?

It doesn’t matter who the ambassador is, it’s the performance of the athletes that would be appreciated. And even if the ‘Ambassador’ thing still pinches you, then,

Can you name the Indian ambassador for Asian games, 2014?

Again, silent?

Then why bother this time?


Also, the Bachelor Khan is known to be the fittest man in Bollywood. His bulk and muscular body proves his knowledge of health and sports. Lastly, Yogeshwar Dutt blamed him for using the Olympic stage to promote ‘Sultan’.

Does a star like Salman with immense popularity need a platform for promotion?


His legacy says it all:

Mein dil mein aata hoon samajh mein nahi.



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