Lulia Vantur Confirms She Is Not Marrying Salman Anytime Soon And Our Wait Continues

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3:10 pm 23 May, 2016


A week ago, Salman Khan and his alleged girlfriend Lulia Vantur together attended Preity Zinta’s wedding reception, making us believe that their wedding bells will too ring soon.

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But as always, the media judged too much and analyzed more than too much and confirmed their wedding date, 27th December. Nobody can help it, rumors create more hype than the truth.


When the buzz boils up, it’s better that celebs clear the air themselves. So, Lulia Vantur squashed all wedding rumors with her Instagram post.


This sums up everything.

Dear media, I want to make a humble request. Stop inventing and reinventing rumors on Salman’s personal life. Let him live his life the way he wants. Marriage is a choice, not a necessity. He has been entertaining us for past two decades and hence, in return, we should respectfully grant him the freedom to make his own life decisions. Value his work, not his personal status.



Be human and leave him alone.