Salman Khan Just Called Katrina Kaif ‘My Baby’ In Front Of The Media. Here Is How Katrina Reacted!

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10:46 am 11 Jul, 2018


It has been quite a while that Katrina Kaif broke up with Ranbir Kapoor. In fact, Ranbir has even moved on in his life and made his relationship with Alia Bhatt public. This did leave Katrina upset and offended but there hasn’t been any news of Katrina Kaif being in a relationship with anyone. Though Salman Khan has expressed his affection for Katrina on more than one occasions even publicly, there haven’t been any hints of the two getting back together.

The good part of their relationship is that it hasn’t turned bitter at any point of time, even after the two broke up and Katrina started dating Ranbir. Even now, one can see Katrina Kaif all smiling when Salman talks about her or talks to her affectionately.



Now, the two have given another adorable moment to their fans to gush over. Recently, Katrina and Salman have been traveling all around the USA for the Dabangg Reloaded tour. Other stars traveling with them are Prabhudeva, Daisy Shah, Jacqueline Fernandez, and Sonakshi Sinha. But it’s just Salman, Katrina and their beautiful relationship that seems to have grabbed all the limelight.



During a press conference in the tour, Salman Khan yet again showed his affection for Katrina publicly by calling her “My baby”. When a lady asked Salman Khan if he remembers that she met her 12 years ago, Katrina jumped in the middle of the conversation and said that Salman has a very poor memory and does not even remember his own birthday.



To this, the lady further said that it’s her baby’s birthday on July 15. Without missing a moment, Salman said:

“My baby’s birthday is on July 16.”




July 16 is, of course, no one else’s but Katrina’s birthday. The entire room just got filled with laughter with Salman’s words. Then, pointing to someone else who wasn’t visible in the video, Salman said:

“Not this baby, that baby!”



The bunch of people present in the room again burst out in laughter. Watch what happened in the video below:


Did you find it adorable?