Salman Khan Talks About Critics, His Infamous Hit-And-Run Case, And Why ‘Tubelight’ Is Special

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Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 5:19 pm


The bhaijaan is back again with his Eid gift, and very expectedly, it will be a blockbuster. Because the brand Salman Khan is so huge, and his fans are tubelight-ly mad for him.

Salman’s journey in Bollywood has been a roller-coaster. From being a superstar of the 90s to being an accused criminal, and finally to being human. The star has faded a thousand times, but every time he shined, again.



There is nothing about Salman that has not been written or talked out. Court cases, his (troubled) personal relationships, and his humongous stardom. We know it all. But we know a little about his intentions as his badass image often diminishes it.

In his interview with The Huffington Post, he gets candid about the purpose of making ‘Tubelight’, his long-lasting struggle with court cases, and the critics he doesn’t care about.

He tells why ‘Tubelight’ is different from ‘Bajarangi Bhaijaan’, thought their characters look “nicely” similar:

With ‘Tubelight’, my agenda is different — after the film, I want brothers, who may not have spoken to one another in months and years, to call each other up and forget the differences, if they had any. I want them to be so emotionally overcome that they just let past differences aside and say, “Hey man, let’s party.” Sometimes the issues are trivial, sometimes serious. But why let it affect you? I hope Tubelight can achieve that. It touches on those emotions.

He believes that critics destroy the hard work of an actor.


I genuinely, honestly don’t care. I believe that they’ve no right to take anybody’s hard work down. The fans will decide that, in any case. The box-office will prove it one way or the other. What have you done to earn the right to rip a film apart? On Day 1 of the release, you write some rubbish crap. It destroys films and a lot of hard work that went behind making it.

With me, of course, it doesn’t make any difference. And I think they know it all too well. My films are critic-proof. I am telling them now: go give my film minus 100 stars, why just zero. My fans will anyway watch my film and that’s my reward.


On the time he lost in fighting court cases:

For 20 years. 20 years is a long time, man. It’s a lot of years. It takes a toll on you and your family. The financial toll on our family because of the cases has been huge. When I was a nobody I had nothing. When I become somebody, I got the magistrate court. When I become slightly bigger, I got the High Court, then. And now when I am in this position, I have the Supreme Court.

The High Court looked into it and they came up with a verdict which says that nothing of that sort ever happened.

There are so many incidents like mine that happened and nobody ever talks about them. Whenever there’s a hit-and-run that happens anywhere, they drag me into it all over again. I mean, what the hell, come on, man. How much will you go on and on…


The man has gone through a lot. A lot.