OMG! Salman Khan Is Getting Married By The End Of 2016

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4:11 pm 6 May, 2016


Salman Khan, being the most eligible bachelor, stays in the news all the time. The first question he is generally asked after facing the media is about his marriage. Girls are dying to marry him and he wasn’t sure about it. He also made an announcement about him being a virgin. But he has also been in news about how serious his relationship is with his latest girlfriend Lulia Vantur.


After staying a bachelor for decades, now Sallu Bhai has decided to leave his bachelorhood behind. Well, at least ‘Mumbai Mirror’ says so:

So the not-young and single superstar may well be married by the year’s end. The forever bachelor has decided that nuff’s nuff. We hear his current girlfriend, a foreigner, may soon end up being the most powerful woman in the film biz. Not an enviable spot, we assure you, for it isn’t her love that will make him pop ring. Rather it’s his ailing mum, who wants to see her baby boy well taken care of. Oh, the more things change.



The nation has been waiting for this for so long and I think finally the year has come when Bollywood Bhai will be marrying his videsi kudi. Everyone is aware of his obsession with foreign (or foreign-looking) girls.

So, I hope the wait is over. Congratulations Salman.




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