Salman Khan’s Deep Love For His Dogs Is Your Dose Of Sweetness For The Day

5:18 pm 10 Apr, 2018


Salman Khan, one of the most popular stars of Bollywood is known for many things. From superhit films to the conviction in the blackbuck poaching case, he is always in the news. Amidst this, there is one side of Bollywood’s Bhai that will warm the hearts of many. It’s his love for his dogs.



Yes, like many other celebrities, Salman Khan had, and have dogs. Not to forget, he is quite possessive about his friends with paws.



He shared that he learns patience from his dogs and also that they love him unconditionally. In his own words:

“From my dogs, I learn patience and forbearance. The unconditional love that they teach me to share is timeless and beautiful. Love like this is the highest kind of love.”

He is the happy owner of some of the costliest breeds of the world. One of his dogs costs about 2 lakh. To make sure his ‘babies’ are taken care of, he spends thousands every month.


Previously, he was the happy owner of two dogs called ‘MySon’ and ‘MyJaan’ who sadly passed away. Later, he welcomed more canine friends into his abode. Salman owns a Labrador Retriever called Mowgli, a St. Bernard named Saint, and a Neapolitan Mastiff called Mylove. Sadly, he also had to bear the passing away of his French Mastiff called Veer.


There are times when he let his furry friends accompany him to the shoots. According to a report, he stopped the shooting of ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ to fly back home for a day when one of his dogs got sick.


Here is a video of the star with his dogs:




Are you a dog lover too? Share your pet’s story in the comments below.

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