Salman Khan Introduces ‘Vichitra Jodis’ In The First Promo Of ‘Bigg Boss 12’. Watch Video

5:31 pm 13 Aug, 2018


Bigg Boss is still the most happening reality show on the Indian television. The show has not only completed 11 successful seasons but has also made many people extremely popular. Bigg Boss season 12 is around the corner and guess what, the first trailer of the next season has just dropped. Salman Khan appears to be in an all new avatar in the new promo. Like every other time, Salman looks quirky this time too. In the new promo of Bigg Boss, Salman happens to be a teacher.

In the promo, Salman can be seen introducing the ‘Vichitra jodis‘ of the new season. Looks like this season will have pairs just like in the promo. Pairs including that of a ‘saas-bahu’ were seen in the promo.



As per a source:

“This time, the series is set to redefine the concept of awesome twosome with its theme ‘vichitra jodis’. Usually, the word ‘jodi’ is synonymous with a husband-wife, boyfriend-girlfriend, etc. But the makers have extended it to ‘saas-bahu’, boss-employee, ‘mama-bhanja’ and others. So, contestants will enter the house with another member who is known to them.”



It has also been revealed that Salman Khan will be seen in more avatars in the coming days. The source further added:


“In the first one, he will be seen playing himself — an actor, who talks about the world of showbiz and the different ‘jodis’ that became popular — whether it’s Ram Lakhan or Karan Arjun. In the second, he dons the role of a class teacher. Salman is known to reprimand contestants when they go the wrong way on the show, but he has never played a teacher on screen before.”



The source further added that Salman Khan will be seen as a ‘babu’ working in an office and in another avatar, he will be seen as a village ‘sutradhar’ wearing a ‘kurta pyjama’. Take a look at the promo below:



Now, this looks like a very interesting season! Are you too waiting for ‘Bigg Boss’ season 12? Tell us through your comments below.