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The Story Of Salman Khan And His 12 Girlfriends That Will Make You Ask ‘Why Bhai’

Updated on 12 June, 2020 at 7:05 pm By

Controversy’s favorite child Salman Khan is always in the news because of the wrong reasons. From drunk driving to killing a black buck, he has been on the wrong side of the law on quite a few occasions. Over and above these controversies, his personal life has always been somewhat of a turmoil too. From girlfriends accusing him of abuse to late-night drunk brawls, he has done various things to piss off the women in his life.



Here is a look at the women Salman has had affairs with over the years:


1. Shaheen

Not many know about Salman‘s first love which happened way back when he was still a teenager. He was smitten with Shaheen, the maternal granddaughter of Ashok Kumar. She was a model back then and as per some reports, Salman was only nineteen at the time. The affair was quite a serious one as there were talks about them tying the knot too.



2. Sangeeta Bijlani

Sangeeta and Salman dated for a few years after Sangeeta won the 1980 Miss India title. They were about to tie the knot and the wedding cards were apparently distributed too before Sangeeta called it all off.



3. Somy Ali


Somy and Salman are said to be good friends till date. However, fact remains that she was one of his earliest girlfriends and they did date for a while. They broke up following alleged issues regarding Salman’s drinking habits and obsessive behavior.




4. Aishwarya Rai

The most talked about and surrounded by controversies affairs was this one. Salman and Aishwarya’s affair is believed to have sparked during the making of Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. Their affair was in the news almost every other day with stories about their public spats, Salman’s abusive behavior with Aishwarya and what not. They eventually broke up in 2002 and it was probably one of the most ugliest break-ups of Bollywood.



5. Sneha Ullal

Apparently, Salman never quite got over Aishwarya and that’s where look-alike Sneha Ullal entered. They even did a movie, ‘Lucky’, together. However, this too did not last long and they parted ways.




6. Katrina Kaif

Salman is said to be the career-maker of Katrina and his affair with her was probably the last of his serious relationships. They were together for a few years between which they even did many movies together. However, in the end, this too turned out to be an ugly break-up.



7. Claudia Ciesla

Salman was smitten with German model Claudia and was even seen hanging out with her at various events and public appearances. There was quite a stir and things took a new turn when Salman apparently made a statement that Claudia was a nice girl and he was very happy to introduce her to his family. But after that things did not go any further.



8. Lulia Vantur

His link-up with this Romanian model is one of his most recent ones. Rumors about Salman tying the knot with her have been strife for long. These have only grown stronger as Lulia‘s number of exclusive trips to the country just to spend time with Salman has been increasing over the years.



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9. Zarine Khan

Another look-alike (of his ex) that Salman got smitten with was Zarine Khan. This time, it was Katrina and not Aishwarya though. Zarine Khan was also introduced into Bollywood because of Salman’s help through ‘Veer’. They were even spotted together at many occasions but never admitted to being in a relationship.



10. Mahek Chahal

Speculations of something more than just friendship brewing between Mahek and Salman started flooding the grapevine when Salman openly expressed that he was biased towards her during her stint on his show Bigg Boss.




11. Daisy Shah

Dancer and choreographer, Daisy Shah was introduced in the movie ‘Jai Ho’ by Salman Khan out of the blue. This sparked talks about a romantic involvement between the two.



12. Hazel Keech

Now married to cricketer Yuvraj Singh, British model Hazel Keech‘s name was once linked with Salman because he was the one who gave a kick-start to her Bollywood career through ‘Bodyguard’ and later also urged her to participate in Bigg Boss.




There are only two burning questions on most Indians’ minds, “When will India’s “Acche Din” come? and “When will Salman Khan get married?” While we still wait for the first, it seems the wait for the latter, looking at the long list of his girlfriends and also taken into consideration his history, will be a long long one.


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