Salman Khan Almost Married This Actress And The Name Will Surprise You

10:00 am 17 Jun, 2018


Superstar Salman Khan is always in news! From drunk driving to fighting with the partner of an ex-girlfriend, he is someone who never fails to hog the limelight. Recently, he is adorning the headlines with the release ‘Race 3’ that proved to be a comedy for the viewers despite being an action-thriller, even for ‘Bhai’ fans. With comments like, ‘waste of money’ and ‘total crap,’ this new film by Salman is hardly going down well with the audience.

This article, however, is about one of the biggest question surrounding Salman Khan. When will he get married? A recent interview of this actor resurfaced where he spoke about his desire for marriage and also revealed the name with whom he wanted to settle down.



Before knowing about the actress who touched the heart of Mr. Khan, let’s revisit his love history. There were about 12 women with whom he had affairs over the years. And, here are some of the most popular ones.



Shaheen: granddaughter of Ashok Kumar came into Salman Khan’s life when he was still a teenager.



Somy Ali: his affair with this yesteryear actress ended due to his habit of excessive drinking.



Katrina Kaif: they were a couple for few years before they had an ugly breakup.



Aishwarya Rai: his affair with this gorgeous beauty is one of the most controversial and ugly breakups in the history of Bollywood.




Whose name among these divas did he took during the interview? None! Surprised?



During the interview, he said that he wants to get married when the time comes:

‘Yes, I plan to marry. When the time comes I will.’



Then he further added that:

‘It could be to Sangeeta (Bijlani) or to anybody else.’

Yes, Salman Khan was in a relationship with this former Miss India. Their affair lasted for about 10 years. It was speculated that they were serious about tying the knot and the cards were also distributed. However, it was later called off after she allegedly caught him cheating.



Having her own share of controversies, she later had an affair with former cricketer Mohammed Azharuddin which ended in a divorce.



If Salman Khan ever gets married with whom you would like to see him?