Salman Is Against The Ban On ‘Pakistani Actors’, Gets Slammed By Twitter Users

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 4:49 pm

Controversy is Salman Khan’s best friend!

A few months back he was being condemned on Twitter for his ‘Raped Woman’ comment and now again Twitter users are venting their anger on social media against him.



In the wake of Uri attack, a temporary ban has been imposed on Pakistani actors after a strict warning given by MNS to Pakistani artist to leave India within 48 hours.

Now, during a question/answer session Salman was asked about his views on the ban and this is what he said in his reply,

“They were artists, not terrorists, these are two different subjects. What you think? That artists are terrorists? They come with valid visa, who provides them with visa? our Government, our govt provides them work permit.”

“The ideal situation would be that peace be maintained. Now that this has happened, there will be action and reaction. In this day and age we should live in happiness, peace and love it would have been better for everyone especially for the common man.”

Twitteratis didn’t like Salman’s views and replied with hate comments. Ashoke Pandit, the renowned filmmaker, in his series of tweets slammed Salman for showing disloyalty towards the nation.



Take a look at his tweets:





This is why Salman is supporting Pakistan…


Even Raj Thackeray has something to say about Salman’s comment…


Some actually asked him to go to Pakistan!


Spend some time building your brain!


Salman, words once spoken, like an arrow from a bow, cannot be recalled. Hence, you should seriously think these days before uttering even a single word!


Is Salman correct? What do you think about this controversy?

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