Salman Fans Abuse National Hero Yogeshwar Dutt After His Loss At Rio Olympics

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 3:57 pm

When Salman Khan was chosen as the Goodwill Ambassador for the Rio Olympics 2016, many people objected against the decision. Indian wrestler, Yogeshwar Dutt was one of them. In a series of tweets he openly objected the decision and expressed his disappointment and anger.

Here are the tweets by Yogeshwar Dutt after Salman’s selection:

Kyun pagal bana rahe ho desh ki janta ko?


Olympics is not the place for movie promotion!


A sports person should be chosen as the ambassador of a sports event.


Well, Yogeshwar Dutt wasn’t alone in opposing Salman’s selection. But, Salman fans got a perfect chance to not only troll him but abuse him when he gave us a shock after losing against Ganzorigiin Mandakhnaran of Mongolia in the Men’s Freestyle 65 Kg competition at Rio Olympics.

Here are the derogatory tweets Salman fans made against Yogeshwar Dutt after his defeat.



He criticised Salman Khan’s selection…


When you have ego, this happens!


Shame on him!


While Bhai fans were abusing Yogeshwar Dutt for his defeat, there were many who supported him and called his the ‘national hero’.

Boxing champion Vijender Singh.


It’s OK that you lost!


Stop abusing the athlete!


Disrespecting legend for a celebrity?

Twitter became a battle zone for Salman fans and non-Salman Khan fans, but was this necessary? Winning and losing both are the part of a game and if you can’t accept the defeat with grace, then you don’t have that sportsman spirit. Yes, we are sad that Yogeshwar Dutt lost, but picking his defeat as an excuse to abuse him is not acceptable.

What is your opinion? Do you think abusing Yogeshwar Dutt is correct?