Salman Khan Gets Bail In Poaching Case, But Twitterati Are In No Mood Of Celebration

5:24 pm 7 Apr, 2018


Bollywood actor Salman Khan has been granted bail by the Jodhpur Sessions Court on April 7 in the 1998 Black Buck Poaching Case.



While the actor has to file one personal bail bond of Rs 50,000 and produce Rs 25,000 surety from two persons each, he cannot leave the country without the court’s permission. Also, he will have to return to the Jodhpur Court on May 7 for another hearing.


While the Bollywood industry and die-hard Salman Khan’s fans are celebrating the release of the actor, there are many who are questioning the judicial system and trolling the actor mercilessly on social media platform.

Take a look:






The actor was granted bail after just spending two nights in the jail. Twitterati are questioning the sanity of the judicial system and mocking the judge who granted bail to the actor. The people are alleging the system by saying, “faith in money restored”.










Meanwhile, users also dragged the self-proclaimed Godman Asaram Bapu, with whom Salman Khan shared the jail time.

Here are the tweets: