Salma Ghori’s Story Is A True Inspiration For Everyone Who Has Lost Someone In The Journey Of Life

Updated on 5 Sep, 2018 at 11:52 am

Salma Shafeeq Ghori has spent 15 years without her husband, Major Shafeeq Khan Ghori. As Salma was busy with celebrations for her son’s first birthday, a group of Army men knocked at her door. They had been trying to reach her the whole day with very sad news. Major Shafeeq Khan Ghori had left Salma and the family, never to come back again.
The first two days, they said his condition was critical. Salma recollects,
It was a shock for my father-in-law and my little one who did not understand what was happening around him. Nobody wanted to believe it was him and finally after two days of wait and agony, he was brought home for a final farewell with due military honours.

Late Major Shafeeq Khan Ghori


As their son started understanding things, he was made to understand the most hard-hitting fact of his life, that he had lost his father when he was just a year old. Major Ghori’s relatives had always worried about his life, which was in danger due to being in the Army. However, he would respond with twinkling eyes, that he could die walking on the road, too. At least working at the Army would give him a death he could be proud of. He hadn’t joined so he could leave.

Major Shafeeq had dedicated his life to Army


On a more serious note, he would always prepare his family members, “Live life always as though I am with you and the kids. Never deprive them of anything just because I am not there. I’ll be back soon,” Salma reminisces.
Major Shafeeq was merely 40 years old when he was killed in action in Operation Rakshak. He succumbed to a bullet fighting militants. His last act was saving a fellow soldier’s life from the bullets. His field tenure was to end in another two years and he was to spend the next few years with his family in a more peaceful location.
But before his family could see this happiness, the tragedy shook them to the core. Salma says,
I miss daily life with him, our conversations, our travels together, the ferocious way he defended what he believed in, his love, and bringing up our children. He was a hero with a mighty heart.


Salma’s story is a realization of the fact that army men serve the nation without thinking about their own lives. Their dedication towards the nation cannot be compared with anything else. Hundreds of soldiers die every year, leaving behind their families. Many families lose their only support and need help to survive.
Salma’s story was recently shared by Being You on their Facebook page.

Salma standing by the side of her Late husband’s uniform



Such stories need special attention because only the daring can put their lives at stake for the security of the nation. We salute late Major Shafeeq’s bravery and Salma’s patience with which she has raised two kids all by herself.