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Everybody Is Calling This Dancer ‘The Next MJ’, And You Would Agree After Seeing His Moves

Published on 10 November, 2018 at 1:52 pm By

If you ask anyone, “Who is the greatest entertainer of all time?”, the most likely answer will be the legendary Michael Jackson. His distinctive sound and extraordinary dancing style changed the way we saw music and dance. Popularly known as the king of pop, MJ was the best-selling male artist of the millennium. Above everything, he is an inspiration for the singers and dancers across the world. Till date, mastering his floor spins, fast footwork, and the iconic moonwalk is every dancer’s dream.


Also, when one follows the footsteps of a legend, dreams do come true. And that’s what happened with Salif Gueye, a street dancer who became a guest at Ellen DeGeneres show when his dance video on MJ’s song ‘Rock With You’ became viral.



American host Ellen likes to promote new talents on her show, and when she saw Salif’s impressive video on the internet, she instantly called him on the show for a personal chat. What luck!

This is the video that became Salif’s ticket to fame.




Well, if you thought, this was it. Here are some more mind-boggling moves which Salif did on the Elle Degeneres’s show. To your surprise, he never really learned dancing from anyone. He is a self-taught dancer.



Not to forget, he is just 22-years old, he has a long way to go. The netizens are going crazy over his moves, some are even calling him “Michael Jackson Reborn” and why not.


There is no better thing than this.



You probably can’t argue this.


He looks so effortless.


Quite a possibility.


Soon, he will.



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