Our MPs Want A 100% Salary Hike For Their ‘Good Conduct’

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7:06 pm 30 Apr, 2016


While the current parliament session is going on, a recommendation has been silently made by the Members of Parliament: to get a 100% hike in salaries and allowances for themselves and that too for their “good conduct.”

Though this is just a recommendation at present, a bill for the same is expected soon and is might be passed in the very next session.

The recommendation was given by a parliamentary committee, which suggested that the salaries of MPs be raised from current Rs.50,000 to Rs.1 lakh a month.




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Further, it was also suggested that the constituency allowance for the MPs should also be raised from Rs.45,000 to Rs.90,000.

The committee’s proposal has now been forwarded and if accepted, the total compensation package for a Member of Parliament will go up from current Rs.1,40,000 to Rs.2,80,000 a month.





If the salaries hike of current MPs is not big enough, the committee, which was headed by BJP’s Yogi Adityanath, also recommended a 75% hike in pensions.

An automatic revision in salaries too has been recommended periodically.


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It must be noted, that the salaries of MPs were last hiked six years ago in 2010.

A cabinet note with regards to the same was sent to all ministries for feedback earlier this week, and their answers is expected before the recommendation is presented to Parliament for approval.

The recommendation would not have even made news had Samajwadi Party’s Naresh Agarwal not brought it up in the Rajya Sabha on April 25:




It also seems the recommendation when presented in the parliament would go unchallenged as Congress MP Ghulam Nabi Azad, who is the Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha, backed Agarwal:




Well, MPs are only doing what MLAs in Delhi did long back! Who can complain?



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