The Salary Of Cheerleaders Of Each IPL Team Will Make You Rethink About Your Career Goals

3:23 pm 14 May, 2018

The Indian Premier League (IPL) has provided an extraordinary platform to cricketers as well as cheerleaders keep the crowd entertained and engaged throughout the match.

During the course of every match, the cheerleaders of different teams display their dazzling dancing skills adding the right amount of glamour to the play. Dressed in scanty outfits, these athletic and highly energetic cheer-leading  girls, dance with pom-poms in their hands, sweating it out in the middle of the field quite as much as the players.



But have you ever wondered how much these cheerleaders earn? Well, every cheerleader’s per-match salary varies with every team and situation.

Check out the different pay structure of cheerleaders of every IPL team:

Cheerleaders Salary for IPL 2018 (General team)

For Every match a cheerleader earns between Rs. 6000 and Rs. 12000, and they get a winning bonus of about Rs. 3000 per match. For extra appearances these cheerleaders get from Rs. 7000 to Rs.12000 and for photo-shoots, their pay is almost Rs. 5000.


1. Kolkata Knight Riders

The King of Bollywood Shahrukh Khan tends to pay his cheerleaders the highest salary than the other teams:

Annual Earnings: $17,500 (excess of Rs.11 lakh)

Earnings per match: $300 (Rs. 20,000)

Bonus: $100 (Rs. 6700)



2. Mumbai Indians

With cheerleaders dressed in blue and golden, Mumbai Indians has one of the most noticeable squads in the league. Their pay:

Annual Earnings: $12,500 (approx Rs.8.4 lakh)

Earnings per match: $250 (Rs. 16,000)

Bonus: $100 (Rs. 6700)



3. Delhi Daredevils

Despite the fact that the Delhi Daredevils team hasn’t won a trophy even after the 10 editions of IPL, their cheerleading squad is always at the forefront to keep the crowd entertained:

Annual Earnings: $4,000 (approx Rs.2.6 lakh)

Earnings per match: $150 (Rs. 10,000)


4. Royal Challengers Bangalore


RCB is one of the most glamorous teams in the IPL and they handsome money to its cheerleaders:

Annual Earnings: $8,000 (approx Rs.5.3 lakh)

Earnings per match: $250 (Rs. 16,000)

Bonus: $50 (Rs. 3300)


5. Rajasthan Royals

In order to keep the spirits of the players rising high, Rajasthan Royals cheerleaders are paid:

Annual Earnings: $5,000 (approx Rs.3.3 lakh)

Earnings per match: $180 (Rs. 12,000)


6. Kings XI Punjab

The cheerleaders dressed in red add to entertainment factor in the stadium:

Annual Earnings: $4,000 (approx Rs.2.6 lakh)

Earnings per match: $150 (Rs. 10,000)

Bonus: $50 (Rs. 3300)


7. Sunrisers Hyderabad

The winner of IPL 2016 Sunrise Hyderabad is providing its cheerleaders same as Kings XI Punjab:

Annual Earnings: $4,000 (approx Rs.2.6 lakh)

Earnings per match: $150 (Rs. 10,000)


8. Chennai Super Kings

As the most successful team of IPL, the CSK pays:

Annual Earnings: $4,000 (approx Rs.2.6 lakh)

Earnings per match: $150 (Rs. 10,000)


Well, the salary of the cheerleaders is quite hefty isn’t it?!


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