Sakshi Dhoni & Mahendra Singh Dhoni’s Magical Love Story

Updated on 15 Dec, 2018 at 1:10 pm


There is a saying that matches are made in heaven. The love story of India’s loved cricketer M.S. Dhoni and his wife Sakshi Dhoni is just the same. One of the most adored couple by the cricket fans, they certainly make a sweet Jodi. Not only that but they also have a super cute daughter. Yes, Captain Cool certainly has a cool family.

We know you are excited to know more about the couple. Of course, we will fill you up with all the romantic details. However, why not enjoy some of the adorable images of the duo before that?





Don’t they look good together?






Many think that Sakshi Dhoni and M.S. Dhoni meet as grownups. In reality, they knew each other since childhood. How? Well, their fathers used to work in the same company and both the families were close. Naturally, they were friends too. Not only that, but they also used to go to the same school.

The friendship never turned into anything more as Sakshi’s family shifted to Dehradun from Ranchi. Quite predictably, life took different turns for them and they didn’t keep in touch.



However, it seems that their match was made from before. After almost 10 years, the duo again met in Kolkata. The ‘city of joy’ certainly marked the path of happiness for M.S. and Sakshi Dhoni. After meeting, they exchanged number and the bud of their love story blossomed.

If you are thinking that Dhoni’s charm instantly worked on Sakshi, then you would be absolutely wrong. Why? Well, it took Dhoni a lot of hard work and wooing to transform his status from friend to boyfriend to husband.



A very well-kept affair finally came into limelight when the duo decided to tie the knots. They got married on July 4, 2010, in presence of family, friends, and other celebrities.

As an added bonus here’s a video of Sakshi Dhoni dancing with hubby M.S. Dhoni. How sweet!



The story of Sakshi Dhoni and Captain Cool certainly proves that love can come knocking at your door anytime. So better keep your eyes open!

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