Internet Sensation Sakshi Chopra Is Making People Go Wild After Latest Instagram Pictures

12:36 pm 19 Jun, 2018

Instagram is a common platform for celebs to share latest and best versions of themselves. Millions of fans follow their favourite celeb when they post Instagram stories or videos and also comment on them. One such Indian celebrity is Sakshi Chopra. She’s not only one of the most bold Indian woman, but also one who burns the internet with her hotness. Sakshi Chopra’s photos flaunt her sexy bod and tiny waist, and she is in fact, very proud to flaunt them!

Sakshi Chopra’s photos are the talk of social media every time she updates them. Not many know, but she’s also a talented singer and an alumni of the Trinity University.



Just like famous celebrities like the Kardashian sisters, Sakshi Chopra is also highly famed for her assets and is considered a role model for younger girls.


What you do to me🕊

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Sakshi, who is the great granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar, is one of the most promising Indian faces on the internet. Her photos on her Instagram profile are full of pictures celebrating her boldness, and of course, her fit body!

Even when she’s just eating ice cream or munching on those chips, she looks equally hot!



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We can tell that she’s the Indian version of American reality show sensation Kim Kardarshian, isn’t it?



In fact, Sakshi, who has more than 5 lakh followers on Instagram, regularly keeps her active users happy by posting such sexy lingerie pics:


The good days are here Lingerie – @yoinscollection

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My NEW storytime video’s up! – click the link in my bio to watch it💕 love u

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Although she’s faced severe criticism online and been slut-shamed too, that doesn’t stop the internet star any longer. In fact, Sakshi posted more bold pictures lately and is on a roll!


Whatever it takes Styled by @noopur_thakkar

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For her part, even this one might be just too bold for her fans!



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Looks like even a bed full of roses isn’t enough! Although it shouldn’t come as a surprise as it’s from Sakshi Chopra’s Instagram!


“Your crush is here ACT CASUAL” Styled by @noopur_thakkar

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In this one particular picture on Instagram, Sakshi looks straight out of some Bollywood flick, isn’t it?


Back to you🌹 Styled by @noopur_thakkar

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In response to all her online haters, Sakshi has this to say,

“You can call me cheap, all kinds of names. I do what makes me happy & I suggest you do the same. Do what makes you YOU. I feel NOT ASHAMED. Not one bit. Don’t bash what you hate, promote what you love. #bodypositivity.”


Sakshi Chopra, with her bold pictures and internet status, is the new Instagram star to look out for. Check out this dancing video for proof of her talent:




Her great grandfather, Ramanand Sagar,  is best known for making television series ‘Ramayana’.