Ramanand Sagar’s Great Granddaughter Sakshi Chopra Burns Slut Shamers With A Befitting Reply

Updated on 13 Jul, 2017 at 1:56 pm


Social media is the microcosm of our society. It is hot and cold especially when a woman takes a bold avatar. Some praise her for the unabashed confidence, while a bigger chunk lectures about the sanskar she lacks.

Sakshi Chopra is one of the opinionated strong women present on Instagram who is proud of her fit body and likes to flaunt it.

Flaunting is what we love the most on social media. Then what made people slut shame her sexy pictures? False sense of morality it is!


Sakshi, the great granddaughter of Ramanand Sagar, is one of the most promising faces to look out for. Her Instagram profile is filled with pictures celebrating her fit body. However, online slut shamers have constantly been on a mission to troll. So, she posted an even hotter picture with a caption that is strong enough to leave permanent burn marks.


She writes,

The human body is beautiful. Every part. Male/female. You can call me cheap, all kinds of names. I don’t give a fuck. I am happy. I do what makes me happy & I suggest you do the same. If your happiness lies in covering up, do it. Do what makes you YOU. I feel confident. NOT ASHAMED. Not one bit. Don’t bash what you hate, promote what you love. #bodypositivity




Ramanand Sagar is best known for making television series ‘Ramayana’. Sakshi is also a singer and alumni of the Trinity University.

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