Sajeed Ajmal Still Cannot Fathom How Tendulkar Was Not Given Out In 2011 World Cup Semi Final

6:07 pm 30 Nov, 2017


When it comes to cricket, India and Pakistan’s on-field rivalry is termed as one of the greatest in history. There is an amalgamated sense of terror, excitement, fun and rage – and everything in between – that guides every player and every citizen of both the countries whenever a match between India and Pakistan is held. And no matter how better a team is from the other, both the teams start from point zero on-field, and therein lies the true essence of an Indo-Pak match. Don’t you agree?


While it is normal for a team to rejoice a stupendous victory for years on, in Indo-Pak matches, the bitter taste of loses disturb the players for their entire lifetime. A glimpse of the same can be made out from Sajeed Ajmal’s recapitulation of an alleged out that was not given to Tendulkar.

It might be six years since India lifted the World Cup 2011 trophy but Pakistan’s top off-spinner Sajeed Ajmal still cannot fathom how Sachin Tendulkar was adjudged not out when he was struck on the pad by Ajmal’s delivery at the crucial semi-final match in Mohali.

It was Sajeed Ajmal, who bagged the wicket of Tendulkar later on in the match. The Indian Express



India won the match to gain a spot at the World Cup finals with Sachin Tendulkar being the top scorer at 85. The 40-year-old cricketer just announced his retirement from cricket after Faislabad lost to Lahore in the National T20 Championship on November 29.

In what proved to be a great match of cricket later on, India was seemingly having difficulties in picking up Ajmal’s variation while batting. Even the great master blaster was caught off-guard few times.

Another moment from the crucial match. source


Expressing wonder at why the out was not given to Tendulkar, Ajmal said:

I was totally convinced I had him in front of the stumps but how the umpires didn’t give him out I still can’t understand.

However, the top Pakistani bowler admitted that bowling to India furnished a different kind of spur to the Pakistani bowlers –


It was always a test of skills and nerves when bowling to Tendulkar and company.

In his successful but controversial career, Ajmal finished with 178 wickets in 35 Test matches and 184 wickets in 113 ODI. He also played 64 T20I and bagged 85 wickets.

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