For These Sadhus Sleeping On A Bed Of Nails Was Pure Bliss And Not Torture

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5:47 pm 14 Jul, 2016


You must have heard about sadhus doing unimaginable things like meditating for years or lying on nails without losing their composure.

Here are some pictures clicked in 1920 by a photographer in colonial India that speaks volumes about the pain these sadhus endure and still feel the bliss.

Myriad needle-sharp points stabbing into the back of this sadhu but breaking neither his skin nor his slumber:

Chatting on a nail bed:

 Reading on a nail bed like it’s a pleasant spring afternoon

And posing on a nail bed – like a boss.

It looks like they’re just going on with their days like it’s really no big a deal. They’ve got some swag up there.

And here I am, panicking at a mere sight of them on those prickly nails.



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