Saif Ali Khan Opens Up On Taking Challenging Roles, Slammed Actors Who Play Safe

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2:40 pm 3 Jul, 2018


Bollywood’s Nawab, Saif Ali Khan is one of those actors who has never shied away from taking up challenging roles. From being a romantic chocolate boy to an action-packed macho, Saif has done it all. And now, his life is making him take another step towards success. Soon, he will be seen in a Netflix show ‘Sacred Games’ along with some talented gems of Bollywood like Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Radhika Apte.

Netflix is the new sexy in India. People are getting more fascinated with the web series culture. This is making the stars to try their hands on something new. Our beloved Saifu is really busy these days promoting his new show.


Saif will be seen portraying the role of police officer Sartaj Singh in the series. It will premiere on Netflix on July 6, 2018. While talking about the importance of versatility in an artist’s career, Saif said:

“If you’ve been successful at one type of thing, it could be tempting not to change that. But if you look at people who have slightly longer, wider and respected careers, they are the ones who have done different kinds of works.”



He further added:


“There are people here who do different things, like Varun Dhawan doing ‘Badlapur’ which I saw recently. That’s an interesting choice. It adds to the respect I have for that actor which I assume is the same for everybody. Watching the work of others is a good way of knowing what’s happening around. The way to understand actors is to watch their work. Their work should speak for themselves.”



Trolling others on playing safe and being defensive, the actor said:

“I’ve always been quite self-deprecating and easy. That’s the environment I grew up in. Lot of people are a bit more defensive, macho. But I am comfortable being in touch (with my vulnerability)… That’s the normal way of how one should be. Some people want to come across as very cool, strong, not say the wrong things, there is a lot of eminence front being put up. It’s not interesting to me. I find people like these very plastic. As long as directors think this is interesting, I hope they keep finding it so,”


There is no doubt that Saif has done some spectacular roles in his acting career. The Netflix show is another hope to see the actor living up to his own standards. Isn’t it? Do share your views in the comments below.