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Bollywood Actor, Sahil Khan, Replies To A Troll Who Shamed Him For Celebrating Ganesha Chaturthi

Updated on 30 August, 2017 at 11:35 pm By

Bollywood actor, Sahil Khan, was slammed on the social media for performing Ganesha Chaturthi puja. Sahil Khan who was last seen in the movie ‘Style’ had posted a photograph of him folding hands and standing next to an idol of Ganesha.


The 41-year-old actor was slammed by a female follower who asked him if he is a Hindu or a Muslim and why is he folding hands. However, like a true Indian, Sahil Khan slapped back saying that he is an Indian first and wishes the girl to get well soon.

Soon, his reply garnered attention and people started to praise him.





All Muslims respect other religions.


A series of emoticons showing how he set the follower on fire.



Such people should be punished.



Not just the body, the person is beautiful too!



This is not the first time an actor has been shamed for his religion. Earlier this year, ‘Dangal’ actress, Fatima Sana Sheikh, was slammed by people on social media for wearing a swimsuit during Ramzan. Many messages said that she is not a Muslim for wearing a swimsuit during Ramzan while several others said that she should be ashamed of herself and that she is rapidly losing fans.

The actress took to social media to explain that she wore the swimsuit as a part of a photo shoot for a new movie that was being shot in Malta. While many slammed her, there were some who came to her rescue and said that she is a beautiful person and must be praised for her work and not for her religion.



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