Sagarika Ghose Trolled On Twitter For Her Confused Tweets About India And China

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Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 7:30 pm

As the MEA announced that a settlement has been reached between India and China, on the Doklam issue, the Twitter world was buzzing with tweets.

The statement read that a settlement has been reached between the two nations, India will withdraw the troops while China will continue patrolling in the region. Several news anchors and editors took to Twitter to express their views, however, Sagarika Ghose was trolled for her ignorant tweets.


Soon, the Twitterati started to troll her and erased her confusion.

Someone called her a zero lemonade.


Her head is filled with something else.


Can’t stop laughing!


Pappu’s reporter.


One user called her ‘Lady Pogo’.


Well, this was not it. Ghose soon tweeted a second time and asked for the term ‘withdrawal’ on it.


This brought in the second wave of trollers who slammed her for her ignorance.

Same league of journalists.


Reading Chinese newspapers.


Not happy with the government.


Getting the RaGa reference.


Explaining it to her.


Here is another tweet that will explain the entire stance.


This news just days ahead of PM Modi’s China visit for the BRICS summit on September 3.