10 Safe Professions For Those Who Want A Reliable Future

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12:00 pm 15 Nov, 2015


If you are in a fix as to which profession to choose after high school or graduation, have a look into the following career options which are quite safe and sustainable in the long run.


1. Civil Engineering/Architecture

In India, growth and development is still under process and urbanization is taking place in a progressive manner; the demand for good architects and civil engineers is said to increase in the years to come. With the development of infrastructure, more and more employment of engineers is bound to take place.



2. Teaching

Teaching is probably the safest profession in India. Though the number of teachers and lecturers being appointed every year is not too satisfying, yet the kind and amount of work involved in this career line and the perks received in return are very pleasing.


3. Apps Developing

In the modern era, where mobile technology has reached new heights, the demand for an app developer will keep rising in the future as well. Everyday ,hundreds of apps are being launched and a good app developer has a great earning from the sale of his services.


4. Graphic Designing

The digital world has drawn the attention of the masses. Graphic designing courses are being launched at various renowned universities and colleges. Graphic designers are required by website owners in large numbers. Freelance, part-time and full-time graphic designing is a highly paid profession.


5. Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lot more social media platforms have given birth to a new yet promising profession called social media marketing. Social media is a new advertising platform and every company requires a social media executive to handle its online image.


6. Fashion Designing

People are never going to stop wearing clothes. Fashion and trends keep changing and the change is brought out by a successful fashion designer. New trends and market demand for better clothing gives rise to more and more job opportunities for fashion designers.


7. Disaster Management

India is quite sensitive to natural calamities like floods, drought, earthquakes, etc. Every year, many lives are lost due to natural disasters. The need for disaster management is quite high in a country like ours. There are a number of private companies and NGOs which appoint disaster managers for long-term.


8. Match Making/Wedding Planning

Many cultures dwell in India and each culture has its own way of celebrating the union of two souls. Indian weddings are extravagant ceremonies. People will always want such occasions to be larger than life and to fulfil this wish, wedding planners are always in line. This is one profession which is never going to die, at least in India.


9. Career Counseling

These days, parents are too busy and unable to give their 100% attention towards the careers of their children. Lack of guidance may lead to professions which may prove to be unsustainable for them in the future. To avoid the occurrence of such a situation, career counsellors are being demanded on a large scale.


10. Health and Medicinal Research

The unhealthy lifestyle adopted by a large chunk of people and the ever-increasing Indian population require better health facilities for the masses. Medicinal research is needed to provide people with high quality medicines at cheap rates. Health sector is in need of good researchers for present and future well-being.


There are many professions in the government sector which provide a lot more future security that the private professions. The careers mentioned above are indeed a safe gamble with lowest risk of failure.