Netflix’s ‘Sacred Games’ Reaches An Unexpected End, Netizens Suspect A Nuclear War And More!

5:34 pm 20 Jul, 2018


Now here’s a sad news for any ‘Sacred Games‘ lover. The Netflix’s very first Indian original series which was released in July itself is coming to an unexpected end. The story is set in Mumbai and highlights the desperate attempts of a cop Sartaj Singh (portrayed by Saif Ali Khan) who wants to prove his worth. What makes the thriller more interesting is the very fact that he gets the opportunity to do so. One day he gets a call from a gangster Ganesh Gaitonde (portrayed by Nawazuddin Siddiqui) who warns him that within 25 days the whole city will be in havoc.

He also claims to know Sartaj’s father. After successfully getting hold of him, just when the cop thinks that the job is done, to his surprise, Gaitonde shoots himself in front of him.



But this is just the beginning. Now everything was going well and the web-series became quite popular but the viewers seem to be puzzled with a sudden unexpected conclusion. The last episode of the show has already hit the internet and is making the netizens furious.



Let’s get things straight!

In the final episode of ‘Sacred Games‘, Sartaj discovers the body of a man named Trivedi in the bunker. What makes the viewers puzzled is that besides the body of Trivedi there is an instrument which is used to measure radiation.

Furthermore, there is food and water too. The die-hard fans of the series didn’t take long to guess that the threat which Gaitonde had mentioned earlier could be nuclear. As per sources, Guruji will be having a much central role in the upcoming episodes. What is the actual reason behind these significant details continues to be a mystery! Saif Ali Khan has revealed that the 8 episode web-series will be having three more seasons in the offing.

Take a look at what Redditors posted:


Fans come up with their own theory!

He’s got a point! Reddit


'Sacred Games' ending reaction

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Fans explain the most possible outcomes!

Another theory by a fan! Reddit



Well, it’s difficult to hold the horses when it comes to such mind-blowing thriller.

Here’s hoping that ‘Sacred Games‘ season 2 will be even better!

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