A Moment Of Sorrow: Sachin Tendulkar Won’t Be Able To Fulfill This Dream Ever

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10:29 am 5 Jun, 2016


Sachin Tendulkar is a huge name in the field of cricket. We all know his achievements in his career and the name he has earned. He is the unmatched talent of team India.

But Sachin Tendulkar has an unfulfilled dream which he will always mourn for.


His dream has nothing to do with cricket or fame. But when the god of boxing Muhammad Ali died yesterday after a 32-year battle with Parkinson’s disease, Sachin expressed his grief and, along with it, his unfulfilled dream.


He talked about how badly he wanted to meet the legend and how that will never happen.



His childhood hero passed away and to pay tribute he expressed his grief on twitter. Muhammad Ali, the Olympic gold medal winner of the year 1960, took his last breath in the Phoenix hospital after experiencing respiratory issues.

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