Sachin Tendulkar Waited Patiently In His Car Just To Tell A Woman On A Bike To Wear Helmet

Updated on 6 Nov, 2017 at 10:41 pm


Usually, we do not spot celebrities or sports stars giving advise to common people. It takes a little humility and sensibility to do so. What we recently saw is not only an example of absolute awareness but common ethics.

Recently, cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar shared a video on his Twitter account where he is seen taking an important matter in his own hands. We know that Sachin has promoted a lot of campaigns throughout his life and has always focussed on keeping his fans aware of day-to-day issues.


While Sachin was traveling in his car, he spotted a woman who was sitting behind on a motorbike without a helmet.



What he did next was not only important for the woman’s safety, in fact, reflects a wider issue to be taken care of. He then stopped his car and told the woman that she should wear a helmet, even if she is sitting at the back.

Sachin said, “You should be wearing a helmet at a back, because if you can get injured (pointing out the man riding the bike) then you can also get injured (pointing at the lady).”


He further said, “Why should only the rider be wearing a helmet. The two woman I spot at the back not wearing a helmet doesn’t make any sense to me.”

We must say Sachin has highlighted a severe fault we all are committing while riding a two-wheeler. Take a look at the video to know more about what he said.