In A Promotional Campaign Gone Wrong, Sachin Tendulkar Asks Fans To Share Phone Numbers Online

Updated on 6 Sep, 2018 at 7:28 pm


There is great news for Sachin Tendulkar fans as the cricket legend has asked for his fan’s phone numbers in case they wish to receive a phone call from him. Sachin has collaborated with IDBI Federal Life Insurance – the promoters of the Kochi, Mumbai, Kolkata and New Delhi marathon – and this new concept is part of the promotional activities.

As part of the promotion, Sachin is telling his fans to leave their numbers, as he would call and give a pep talk on fitness. Tendulkar asked his followers on Facebook and Twitter to share the “names, cities, and mobile numbers” of their friends who “make excuses”. The posts immediately received criticism from security researchers.


Schin Tendulkar’s tweet was a part of a promotional activity


“How do you mine troves of phone numbers from Indians? Get a famous cricketer to politely ask people to dox their friends,” security researcher Troy Hunt tweeted, pointing towards a privacy breach. Hunt revealed to a publication,

The post is worrying because it’s asking people to disclose a personally identifiable attribute (phone number) in the context of a Twitter handle. Tying these pieces of data together is very valuable for everything from marketing to social engineering to identity theft. It’s made worse by the fact that the campaign is asking for people to disclose other people’s data without their consent

He further added,

Whoever came up with this marketing campaign (almost certainly not Sachin himself), has not thought this through very well.

Since the issue has been highlighted, Tendulkar’s social media team has deleted the comment. However, no explanation has been received so far from the team behind the promotion.