Anjali And Sachin Tendulkar’s Love Story Is An Inspiration For Everyone In Love

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Sachin Tendulkar is a cricket legend. Even if a person is not interested in cricket s/he will have heard the name. The god of cricket not only has an unbreakable cricket record but also has an awe-inspiring love story. Sachin has always shied away from discussing his personal life. He has always been an introvert in terms of his family and personal life.

Anjali And Sachin Tendulkar's Love Story

Anjali And Sachin Tendulkar’s Love Story


This is one of the reasons why people are quite unaware of his amazing love story which sets an altogether different level of #RelationshipGoals.

‘Anjali And Sachin Tendulkar’s Love Story Is An Inspiration’

Sachin and Anjali’s love story is no less than a movie plot. Starting from love at first sight to marrying each other after dating for quite a long time and then supporting each other over the years without getting into any controversies.



It started out like this. Sachin was returning after his first international cricket tour in 1990 and Anjali was there to receive her mother. As if planned by God, their eyes met and they felt a connection. She did not even know who Sachin was. But her friend told her about his popularity and that made her run after him.

I had gone to pick my mother and then I saw him and my friend told me he is the wonder boy of Indian cricket. I told my friend, Oh! he is so cute. Then I ran after him and I forgot about my mother.

Their destinies had each other’s name written on them. The next time they met at a common friend’s place.

I think what he liked about me was that I knew nothing about cricket when I first met him. I didn’t even know who Sachin was.


Anjali was a medical student and Sachin’s career was just beginning. She had no knowledge of cricket and her love interest was gaining fame. Their dates were never uninterrupted.

She shared an instance when both of them, along with some friends, went to watch ‘Roja’. Sachin went in disguise, wearing a beard and spectacles. Later, his spectacles fell and people recognized him and they had to leave in the middle of the movie.


From writing letters to save call costs while Sachin was on his international tours, to walking acres in the dark just to call Sachin in New Zealand, to even going to his house disguised as a journalist, Anjali did everything to make the relationship go smoothly on her part.


After dating for five years they got married on May 24, 1995.

I’ve not known any other person in my life except Sachin. I understand him so well. So whether I am his girlfriend or his wife, it’s the same thing, just an extension of that bond.


Anjali left her reputed career and decided to be a house wife. It was her own decision because she was of the opinion that it would be difficult for her to strike a balance between being a star cricketer’s wife and a professional. Sachin and Anjali have two kids, Sara and Arjun.

I could not be married to Sachin and also have a full-time career. It wasn’t possible because he depends on me for almost everything. It was my decision. With Sachin not around and me with two kids at home, it wouldn’t have been possible. I took a decision and I have never, ever regretted it.


Anjali has been a support for Sachin through thick and thin. For her, seeing her husband play cricket was everything.

I don’t eat. I don’t answer phones. I don’t drink. I don’t even move. I don’t reply to any sms until he’s out.


Though Anjali has made many sacrifices in their relationship, they haven’t gone unnoticed. The compromises and sacrifices Anjali has made mean a lot to Sachin. During the release of his autobiography, Playing It My Way’ he confessed,

I confided in Anjali that I feared there was nothing more that I could do to stem the tide of defeats. Anjali, as usual, managed to put things in perspective and assured me that things would surely get better in the months to come.


Their 20 years of marriage might have seen a lot of ups and downs but nothing has affected their relationship. In the end, what matters is the bond you share. They have been each other’s support system and have never let each other fail at their jobs. Their age gap may have faced criticism, but for them it became a strength.

Age is just a number. What matters is love. Hats off to their heart-warming love story. Sachin is not just an inspiration on the field, his personal life is also a lesson to respect the bond we share with our significant others.



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