Stalker Harassed Sachin Tendulkar’s Daughter, Proposed Her For Marriage. Here’s What Happened Next

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Updated on 18 Jan, 2018 at 4:20 pm


The life of a celebrity might look glamorous from a distance but glamor and fame come with a lot of a burden. One’s life becomes an open book for the public. Fans ask for more and the media digs every bit of information of a famous star to please the audience. And this brings infinite problems for the stars. Not just the stars but their families also gain attention.


Remember how Deepika Padukone’s parents were given security when Karni Sena goons were threatening the actress because of her upcoming film ‘Padmavat’?


Something similar has happened with the God of cricket, Sachin Tendulkar. Sachin is famous worldwide because of his splendid cricket career. But people do not focus just on his cricket journey but also talk about his wife, his love story, and even about his children. Sachin has talented and beautiful children. His daughter Sara is all grown up into a gorgeous girl and we often read about her in viral articles.


It looks like Sachin’s popularity has become a reason for discomfort for his daughter. Sara is back in the news but because of all the wrong reasons. According to Time Now, a middle-aged man stalked Sara. He even made several calls to Tendulkar’s residence and passed lewd comments about her.



The report also suggests that the man has been identified as Deb Kumar Maity, an artist, who had earlier proposed Sara for marriage. The man has been arrested by Mumbai police special team from a village in East Midnapore, West Bengal, for allegedly harassing Tendulkar’s daughter after a complaint got registered in Mumbai police station from Tendulkar’s office. The man is in the custody and the mystery behind how the man got Tendulkar’s residence number will be solved after further investigation.

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