Sachin Seeks PM Modi’s Blessing For His Upcoming Biopic, Receives An “Inspiring Message”

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5:32 pm 19 May, 2017


Former cricketer and Rajya Sabha MP Sachin Tendulkar on May 19 met Prime Minister Narendra Modi in Delhi so as to seek his blessing for his upcoming biopic ‘Sachin: A Billon Dreams’.


The master blaster was accompanied by his wife Anjali Tendulkar for this occasion and both Sachin and PM Modi took to twitter after a brief meeting.


While Sachin thanked the PM for his wise words and his blessings,


PM Modi called Sachin’s life journey an inspiration to over 1.25 billion people.


Tendulkar’s biopic, ‘Sachin: A Billon Dreams’ is set to hit theaters next week on May 26, 2017.

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