Sachin Sends Out A Heartfelt Message To Mumbai Police Saluting Their Hard Work

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9:41 pm 21 Sep, 2016

Former cricketer Sachin Tendulkar on September 21 shared a video on his Facebook page, praising Mumbai Police for their hard work and showering them with much-deserved love and respect.

In a short note attached to the video, Tendulkar especially praised those cops who brave the harsh weather conditions to ensure the safety of the citizens.

Sachin, expressing gratitude for the Mumbai Police does said:

“Come rain or shine, #MumbaiPolice is truly dedicated to our safety & well being as seen here (even in the heavy rains!) I salute them all.”

The video then goes on to show a montage of videos in which various police officers are seen directing traffic even though there is a heavy downpour.


Sachin’s vast audience till now has seen this video over eight lakh times and retweeted it over 1,500 times.

Appreciating Sachin’s gesture, Mumbai Police too responded via their Twitter and promised to continue their good work.



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