Meet The IPS Officer From Ujjain Who Is Slaying Everyone With His Dashing Looks

5:30 pm 4 Aug, 2017


Handsome, fit physique, and Indian police officers? It may seem like an oxymoron to most of us but this IPS officer from Ujjain has shattered all stereotypes and has emerged as a fitness icon to many.


Sachin Atulkar became an officer at the age of 22 only. Daily Post

Meet IPS officer Sachin Atulkar, the Superintendent of Police at Madhya Pradesh’s Ujjain.

Wherever he goes, Atulkar ensures he garners a massive fan following. In fact, by now, he has become an icon of sorts to the entire Madhya Pradesh Police Department, especially after becoming an IPS officer at a young age of just 22.


Daily Post


Atulkar’s father is in the Forest Department while his brother is serving in the Indian Army.

Not just great in physique and looks, Atulkar had surprisingly cracked the civil service examination in his very first attempt, a feat only dreamed of by many. He has always been extremely good in sports and yoga, and has won numerous medals and accolades in both.


Atulkar at a yoga session. Daily Post

It won’t be wrong to term Atulkar as the new social media sensation. Whenever he posts a photograph of himself on the social media, a shower of ‘likes’ quickly follow.

In fact, his latest pictures from the Mahakal rally in Ujjain received as many as 30,000 likes!


According to Atulkar, no matter how busy the day is, he always manages to find some time to keep himself fit and going.

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