Saba Qamar Trolled By Pakistani Conservatives For Smoking, And We Think The Trolls Need To Back Off

6:24 pm 24 Jul, 2018


Social media is a place where you can get anything. It can either be constructive or destructive. It’s not entirely wrong to say that a post can become viral in no time, and that’s what exactly happened in this recent case. Pakistani actress Saba Qamar is being brutally trolled by the netizens over her leaked photographs on the social media, in which she is smoking. Apparently the pictures were taken when she was on a break during a photo-shoot.

Saba is one of the leading and highest paid telly actresses in Pakistan. With her flawless performances and her top-notch acting skills she has bagged many awards and much critical acclaim. In fact, her film ‘Hindi Medium’ which also stars Irrfan Khan has been very well received by the audiences.




In the photo which seems to have gone viral, it can be clearly seen that Saba Qamar is holding a cigarette in her hand. It seems that this picture has made our netizens furious. Some even lashed out at her on the social media and said mean things.



Take a look at what the Pakistani conservatives had to say about the actress:


What is this?



 What is the meaning of this?



This one’s really bad!



However, there were Pakistani celebrities who stood by the actress and defended her. Here’s what Adnan Siddiqui said:



Osman Khalid Butt, who shared screen space with Saba in popular TV show ‘Baaghi’ also stood with the actress!



Aijaz Aslam also defended the actress!



Trolling has become a trend! People nowadays say anything to anyone without even thinking that it might affect the person in the long run. As far as smoking is concerned, it is indeed injurious to health, but it is also important to remember that smoking is totally a personal choice. Trolling someone just because she smokes doesn’t make any sense. Does it?

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