Takes The Risk Of Losing Customers With This Very Strong Anti-Dowry Message

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5:54 pm 26 May, 2015


In a first for any top tier brand in India to take a dig at its own customers, has done something very remarkable.

A calculator on checks how much dowry you are worth.

That’s right, it helps you estimate the exact amount of money you should charge for the upkeep of the bride, her family and everything that comes with her.


You only need to enter basic details such as age, your profession, salary, etc. An algorithm starts calculating the amount you should charge like a tax collector.



This is where gets our standing ovation. Each time you press the calculate button, there is this number on the screen, and it reads:


Followed by this thought-provoking message:


Just to better understand why the above message is important, this map of India shows the dowry death rate in the country in 2012.


So hats off to




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