Forget Pewdiepie, This 7-year-old YouTuber’s Earnings In 2018 Will Make You Want To Change Your Career

6:28 pm 5 Dec, 2018


Ryan is like any other 7-year-old! He is cute, lively, and loves playing with toys. However, there is one small difference between Ryan and other kids. This kid is a YouTuber and runs a channel called Ryan ToysReview which was set up by his parents in 2015. If you are thinking, ‘good for the kid,’ then get ready to be swept by a huge surprise. This kid has topped the Forbes list of highest-paid YouTube stars 2018. Surprised much? Well, he also has 17 million followers who are totally in love with this adorable kid’s reviews. The toys he reviews are sold out almost instantly. He even left popular YouTuber Pewdiepie, who had an online scuff with Ekta Kapoor, behind.

Before telling you more about this amazing kid, we must show you one of the reviews form his channel Ryan ToysReview.




Any guesses how much he earns? Well, his total earning is $22 million! If converted into rupees, the approximate earning of this little one is about Rs. 155 crore. Felt the sting?



Jokes apart, the earning of his channel has doubled as compared to 2017. The surprising part is that very few of his videos have paid views and the traffic is mostly organic. About 10% of his total revenue is generated from the ads shown before the video. The rest comes from the sponsors whose products he reviews. Once he was asked why everyone likes to see his channel Ryan ToysReview, the young YouTuber replied:

“Because I’m entertaining and I’m funny.”

Recently, this budding business mogul added a new earning source in his revenue generation list. In August 2018, Walmart started selling an exclusive range of toys and clothing called Ryan’s World. Naturally, they gained huge popularity. This means that his income is certainly going to increase in 2019.



Not only review but he also creates other fun videos along with his sisters. Here is one of them:



His parents are managing the money well and keeping aside 15% of Rayn’s earnings aside in the bank. He will be able to access the money when he becomes a legal adult.


Ryan is the highest paid youtuber of 2018



While we wish good luck to this amazing kid but it makes us think that if YouTube is the new career that we should choose. What do you feel? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments below.

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