Russian Reporter Punched In The Face By A Drunk Paratrooper On Live TV

9:00 pm 3 Aug, 2017


A recent incident of bullying and that too with a journalist has come to light, where a man came from nowhere and punched a reporter in his face.

A Russian Journalist who was broadcasting live from Moscow park got hit in his face. The journalist was reporting for NTV channel from the park. The park had a number of paratroopers when the incident took place. It was the occasion of the annual Airborne Troops Day when he got approached by an anonymous man wearing a t-shirt and shorts started cursing the reporter.

A paratrooper punched the reporter on his face


The journalist, Nikita Razvozzhayev, asked the unknown man to keep away, when he out of nowhere tried indulging in a conversation with him. He came again, this time with all his force and punched the reporter hard enough to cause an injury. He just walked away after that, paying no heed to whatever must have happened to the journalist. This was the time when the viewership of the channel rose and the network had to suddenly cut the broadcast. While people who watched the entire incident, stood silent and did nothing to help the journalist.

As per a report, the attacker was believed to be drunk. He was arrested shortly after. The blame of the incident was  put on the paratroopers by people on social media who them as a rowdy bunch who drink in public places, bathe in fountains and harass passers-by.


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