14-Year-Old Russian Model Who Died Of Utter Exhaustion In China Made Only Rs.540 A Day

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4:17 pm 2 Nov, 2017

After participating in Shanghai Fashion Week, Vlada Dzyuba, a 14-year-old Russian model has allegedly died of utter exhaustion and overwork. The reports of her being overworked have though been denied by the Chinese agency.

Before she slipped into coma, she had told her mother back home in Russia over phone that she was exhausted. Reportedly, she had attended a 13-hour jewelry modeling shoot before collapsing and was suffering from meningitis that was compounded by severe exhaustion.


Vlada had reportedly worked in a 13 hours jewelry shoot in China before she collapsed The Siberian Times

As per a report by Daily Mail online, after paying for her airfares, hotel and food, the model made just INR 540 per day (£6.30). She hailed from Perm, an industrial city of Russia and missed school to walk the ramp on a three month contract to make her dream of becoming a supermodel come true. According to media reports, despite being unwell, she feared taking medial help in China because she did not have any medical insurance on this trip to China.

Vlada Dzyuba died of overworking in China Oksana Dzyuba/ The Siberian Times

She died of severe exhaustion and her parents “cannot afford” to take her body home by air. It is expected that the child-model will be cremated in China and her ashes would be returned to her homeland a month later. Russian diplomats have demanded her cremation to be delayed until her mother arrives in China.

Vlada Dzyuba aspired to be a supermodel DailyMail/ The Siberian Times

The unfortunate death of Dzyuba in a hospital of China on Friday shows actually how gloomy the glamorous world of western models in China is, a lot of whom are from the Soviet Union. These models live a dream of shaping bright career in the world of fashion which perhaps is not as good as it appears from the outside. The worst part is that even teenage children are exploited by the industry to an extent that one of them actually died of overworking.

She did not even have a medical insurance on her trip to China TheSiberianTimes

Still in her early teenage, the model was permitted to do modelling under law in China despite her young age. She started feeling sick and dizzy on Tuesday and was taken to a hospital in Shanghai on the next day. But her health kept deteriorating in the hospital and she breathed her last on Friday.

ESEE Model Management, the Chinese modeling agency managing her latest trip to China has denied that she was overworked. But Vlada’s death raises serious concern over working condition of young and teenage model in China whose mothers was not accompanying her. This includes the long working hours and the fact that she was working in China without a medical insurance on her trip.

Vlada reportedly made just Rs.540 a day TheSiberianTimes

The Global Times, the official newspaper of China reported that Dzyuba reported that the model has died of “multiple organ dysfunction syndrome” and cited some medical records, saying that some medical tests are still being conducted.