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Is Putin Warning Other Superpowers Through This ‘Funny’ 2019 Calendar Containing A ‘Secret Weapon’?

Published on 27 December, 2018 at 2:24 pm By

I have always been fascinated with Russia. Right from its history to culture, there’s a certain amount of enigma associated with this nation. Once a superpower, the country faced a great blow after the dissolution of USSR. The present political situation, however, shows that Russia is all over that blow. A communist state, the nation is always known for being tough. The same is again established with the recently published ‘funny’ Russian military calendar 2019.


There is no doubt that the captions given to the images are laced with tongue-in-cheek comments. However, the subtle hint behind the images paints a pretty clear image. It seems like a warning from Russia for other superpowers. See the images and judge for yourself!




The first month opens with a bang giving a hint of the nation’s nuclear power. It is a mobile launcher equipped with a Topol-M ICBM. I don’t need to spell out that it certainly is a warning for others to think thousand times before acting against Russia.





February showcases a fabulous Tu-95 strategic bomber. With the NATO reporting name as ‘bear’, this is a bird that stated serving the Soviet Union in 1956 and it’s expected that it will continue doing the same till 2040. For the uninitiated, NATO reporting names are the code names given to military equipment by Russian and China.




This is the month that showcases the ‘secret weapon’ of the nation. Wondering what? Of course, the killer looks of the Russian beauties. Skillfully plated with words, the translation of the caption read, ‘Locking eyes is Kremlin’s secret weapon’. Many are taking it on a lighter note and talking about the intense gaze of the lady in the image. However, it is also Putin and Kremlin’s message that no one can look down upon the nation as they are strong enough to crush any threat.




Titled ‘Russian Snowdrops’, this image showcases the harsh conditions under which the nation’s army conducts its operations. Needless to say, it is also about showing their power.




Victory Day Parade is a big day in Russia and celebrated every year on May 9. The first time it took place in Red Square in Moscow after the surrender of Nazis (German Army) in 1945. Each year the Parade takes place to commemorate this victory. The image of May shows two little girls prepping up for a Victory Parade for 2033.




While the image shows that the soldiers are checking their weapons, the caption read ‘Soundcheck before the concert’. Is Putin really preparing for some big move that will change the power chart of the world?




The big bulky war machine captioned as ‘Tough Russian electric waffle maker’, is actually an Underground silo. Wondering what is that? It is a structure constructed underground that is used for storage and launching of intercontinental ballistic missiles. Behind the funny wordplay, the Russian military calendar 2019 is actually drawing a scary image.




August is all about the iconic Mi-24 gunships. They are attack helicopters with capacity for troop transportation too. Operated since 1972, they are one among the finest attack helicopters in the world.




Do you know how many women are presently serving in the Russian Army? It’s about 10% of the total force. Also referred to as ‘Charming Army’ by Russian Defense Minister, they are as deadly as their male counterparts. The image also captures the same spirit. Though tortured under the rule of Tsar and Red Army, the present-day Russian women are no less deadly than the weapons they operate.




Designed in the Soviet Union (undivided Russia), the weapon in the image is called Kalashnikov machine gun. It is a gas-operated hand-held machine gun that can prove deadly during any kind of combat. Isn’t it all about Russia showing off its firepower to warn the other superpowers?




Titled ‘Cornet isn’t a rank, cornet is a calling’, this image shows a 9M133 Kornet. It is a Russian man-portable anti-tank guided missile that can effectively be used against the main battle tanks.




The last image looks like a beautiful dance of fireworks. Also, it is titled as ‘New Year’s lights and fireworks’. In reality, they are shots of tracers and missile trails over a field.




Though Kremlin called the Russian military calendar 2019 as funny, the images certainly depict something else. What are your thoughts about the same? Is it Russia asking superpowers like the USA and China to back off and stay in their limit? Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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