Turkey Shoots Down Russian Jet Over Syria For ‘Violating’ Airspace Killing One Pilot

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6:50 pm 24 Nov, 2015


Two Turkish F-16s shot down a Russian SU-24 fighter jet near the Syrian border after it violated Turkish airspace.
Turkey says that the two-seater jet failed to heed at least 10 warnings in five minutes within the rules of engagement.

The jet fell in the Syrian rebel-held territory, reportedly in Latakia’s Yamadi village near the Syrian border.


Though both pilots were seen parachuting out, one of them was found dead and the other was captured by Turkmen rebels.



Video footage showed the plane crashing into mountains in Latakia province.

Here is a video of the killed pilot.


The Russian defence ministry refuted the claim that the fighter violated the Turkish airspace.

It said that the Su-24 was flying at an altitude of 6,000 metres. “Objective monitoring data shows that the jet was not in Turkish territory,” the ministry added.


Turkey is a member of the NATO military alliance, which views an attack on one member as an attack on all. A NATO official told CNN on Tuesday that the alliance was monitoring the events closely.

Prominent voices claimed that it was a part of Turkey’s plan to get NATO involved so that Russia is unable to fight the ISIS.


Turkey has now summoned the Russian envoy over the incident, which raised many an eyebrow.

The foreign ministry had earlier summoned the Russian ambassador to warn him that there would be “serious consequences” if the Russian air force did not immediately stop bombing “civilian Turkmen villages” in Latakia province.  


Turkey has been previously accused of helping Islamic State fighters.

NATO has always been turning a blind eye to all of this.

Reacting to the incident this is what Russian President Vladimir Putin said:

“Do they want to make Nato serve ISIS? I understand that every state has its own regional interests and we’ve always respected that, but we will never allow the kind of crime that happened to today to take place.”




Concerns over what this incident might lead to are being raised:



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