Russian Couple Drowned While Having Sex When Their Car Rolled Into A Lake

Updated on 6 Sep, 2017 at 3:12 pm

People completely lose their senses while having sex, sometimes it may even cost them their lives. A recent incident came to light where a couple, while having sex inside their car, drowned as their car rolled off the road and into a lake.

A 22-year-old Russian couple drowned as their vehicle rolled off into a lake, the couple died while having sex on the back seat of the car. The car had been left in neutral and the passionate movements jolted the Russian–made Niva and it edged towards the lake.

The car that was recovered later from the lake

The school physical education teacher and his girlfriend had earlier driven to the lake in the Volgograd region, but worried relatives reported them missing when they failed to return.
The couple was named as Evgeny Chernov and Yana Kryuchkova. “The car was lifted out of the lake and the bodies of the young people were found in the back seat,” said Andrey Fedotov, an official of the Russian Investigative Committee, as per a report published in Daily Mail.

The couple was unable to escape from the car while it slipped into the lake


A social media posting by a friend said:

We will remember you!!! so young! Rest in peace… You are in our hearts forever…

The incident has left many in shock and the family members in trauma.

Many similar cases have been reported in the past where couples died while having sex on wheels. In April this year, a police officer and his alleged lover have lost their lives in an auto crash while they were reportedly having sex in the car. The policeman, whose identity was given as Constable Ramon Stephens, attached to the Motorized Patrol Unit, alongside the woman, identified as Kodian (Kody), died from injuries they sustained in the tragic accident.