When Russian Art Comes Beyond The Canvas This Is What Happens: Insane Makeup 2-D Paintings

4:00 am 23 Mar, 2014


Is that really a painting..or a human? I mean WOW! Russian make-up artist Valeriya Kutsan is a master of face paintings and draws them so beautifully. This is just a pursuit of a perfect portrait. Thoughtful people like him have all the unique ideas all ready to be exposed just like these below images. We have exclusively rounded up his most intriguing ideas which might collect many love and thumbs-up for this artist. He has actually brought down life in different angles. Valeriya, take a bow; this is Russian art and science. SUPERB !


1. Face Painting Of Russian Make-up Artist

russian makeup artist

2. Turning Human Face Into An Unparalleled Canvas


human face

3. Array Of Techniques To Paint

beautiful art

4. Face Painted Like a Chalk Drawing

chalk drawing

5. Worthy Of Lichtenstein


6. Mondrian Muse

mondrian muse

7. Pixellated


8. Watercolors

water colors

9. Newspaper Collage

newspaper collage

10. Basquiat Would Be Proud


11. Pinwheel


12. A Heartbeat


13. Mickey Mouse

mickey mouse

14. QR Codes

Qr _codes

15. Wifi


16. A Bodice Laced Up

laced up

17. Ying Meets Yang

yin yang


Credit: Valeriya Kutsan