Spotted: Pilot Of A Running Train Drives With One Hand; Holds Umbrella In Another

7:30 pm 9 Aug, 2017


In 2014, when BJP came to power, they promised all around growth and development of the country. While there has been development in some areas, certain areas still seem to be hidden in darkness. A glimpse of the same is seen in a video that recently went viral on social media.

A few days ago, a video came to be circulated on social media featuring a train driver driving a train with just one hand. While this may seem to be a really great feat, what evoked the laughter (and concern in some) of the common people is that the driver had an umbrella in his other hand. The video was reportedly captured in Dhanbad Railway Station with the person driving a passenger train.

After further foray into the matter, it was reported that the drivers of the Dhanbad passenger trains had complained numerous times regarding the deplorable situation of the coaches and the engines, but the reports fell on deaf ears. It was only after much consideration that the video was floated on social media – if the media hype could bring justice to the train employees. The driver seen in the video is B.K. Mondal.

In reality, when monsoons loom large in these region, the engine drivers do have to sit holding umbrellas lest they want to get drenched completely – courtesy the broken ceiling of the engines.

Here’s the video for you to look at and understand the real plight of these drivers on whom the responsibility of hundreds of lives are bestowed: